Russians Capture Erivan

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In a useless effort to regain lost territory in Gulistan treaty, Abbas Mirza crossed the border with 35,000 troops on July, 16, 1826. Baku and Ganjeh were quickly seized but the Russians held out in Shusha until Sep, 5 when reinforcement arrived and Russians took Ganjeh back immediately. Despite the fact that Iranians were superior in number, backwardness in technology and strategy were probably the most important factors in their weakness. Moreover, the British had penetrated the corrupt Qajar court and offered support during the war which was only a political trick to weaken Iran. The Iranian army was forced to the other side of the Aras river and in 1827, after Nakhjevan and Abbasabad, on the first day of Oct Russians entered Erivan, the capital of Armenia . Fourteen days later, Russians entered Tabriz forcing the Shah to beg for peace. Meanwhile an outbreak of Russian-Turkish war gave Abbas Mirza some hope but when in Jan, 1828 a detachment of Russian troops reached lake Urmia and the humiliating Turkmenchai treaty was signed.....

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