Khatami Elected President

Khatami Elected President... 23/05/1997 History, #Ardakan, #Iran, #Khatami, #Meybod, #Mohammad_Khatami, #President, #Yazd

7th presidential election: From a total of 238 nominees for the presidential race, 234 people including 9 women were disqualified leaving only 4 presidential candidates. Of 36,466,487 Iranians eligible to vote 29,076,884 people participated in the election with a remarkable %79.74 participation rate. Mr. Khatami leaded the race with %69.09 of the votes. He was followed by Nategh Nouri with %24.88 of the votes.
Mohammad Khatami was born in 1943 in Ardakan city of Yazd. While he was becoming a cleric he studied philosophy at the university. He was elected as the representative of Ardakan and Meybod during the first parliament elections after the revolution. He had different state jobs before becoming president. During his term, Iran could change the hardliner image and with his initiative called "Dialog Among civilizations", he created a new consensus in international scene.He was re-elected president in 2001....

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