Nebuchadnezzar 2. Proclaims King

Nebuchadnezzar 2. Proclaims King... 03/10/522BC History, #Arakha, #Babylon, #Dariush, #Euphrates, #Gaumata, #Intaphrenes, #Media, #Nabonidus, #Nebu_Chadnezzar, #Phraortes, #Tigris, #Zazana

Nidintu-Bel proclaimed king of Babylon. Claiming to be the son of Nabonidus, the last king before Babylon lost its independence, and called himself Nebu Chadnezzar 3. This happened right after Dariush suppressed a serious uprising by Gaumata. Without hesitation, Dariush advanced to Babylon with his troops crushing their army in Dec, 13th after passing the Tigris river in the middle of a cold winter. Nidintu-Bel escaped and re-gathered another army just to see another defeat near Zazana on the Euphrates. After this victory, Dariush killed Nidintu-Bel. After Dariush went back to suppress another uprising by Phraortes in Media, another rebellion in Babylon started by Arakha who proclaimed king and ascended the throne as Nebu Chadnezzar IV. But a general name Intaphrenes was enough to deal with him in 521....

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