Arakha Revolts In Babylon

Arakha Revolts In Babylon... 25/08/521BC History, #Ahouramazda, #Arakha, #Armenian, #Babylon, #Behistun_Inscription, #Bisotoun, #Dariush, #Haldita, #Intaphrenes, #Nabonidus, #Nebu_Chadnezzar, #Persian, #Satrapy

Arakha claimed to be the son of Nabonidus, the last king of Babylon, proclaimed king on Aug, 25, 521 as Nebu Chadnezzar IV. He was indeed son of Haldita, an Armenian, living in Babylon. Dariush's bow carrier Intaphrenes was sent to suppress the revolt. According to the Behistun Inscription which provides valuable dates about the events Dariush the great says: "I sent my servant, a Persian named Intaphrenes to Babylon. Intaphrenes marched to Babylon. By the grace of Ahouramazda he overthrew the Babylonians and brought over the people to me."
The revolt was then suppressed on Nov, 27, 521 and Arakha was crucified. An embossed image of Arakha is depicted in Bisotoun together with other rebel leaders from almost every Satrapy....

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