Ionian Greeks Defeated Off Lade

Ionian Greeks Defeated Off Lade... 20/10/494BC History, #Achaemenid, #Datis, #Ionian, #Lade, #Lydia, #Marathon, #Miletus, #Rhodes, #Sardes, #Satrapy

In summer of 498, Sardes, the capital of the Satrapy of Lydia, was destroyed by revolting Ionian Greeks. Datis, the same Median general who commanded the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, received special rations to make a tour of duty and suppress the Ionian revolt. He commanded a naval action that conquered Rhodes,, the island that guarded the entrance of the Aegean Sea in 495 and the naval battle off Lade on 20 October 494. Consequently the last Ionian stronghold, Miletus, had to surrender in November 494. Datis was an important generals in the Achaemenid empire. In 334, Alexander defeated the Persians on the same spot....

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