Farhad 3.Ascends The Throne

Farhad 3.Ascends The Throne...
1host2u.com 27/01/70BC History

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Farhad 3rd ascends the Parthian throne as the 17th ruler of the Parthian Dynasty. His reign lasted for about seven years. Farhad 3rd AKA Phraates III was the son of Sinatruces.
He was somehow a cheater because of his coins were polished with gold dust, so that people from other countries considered their value higher than their actual value.
He was successful in bringing order back to Iran but was not very victorious militarily as some of western Iran was lost to the Romans. In 57 B.C. Tigranes revolted against his father in Armenia and had to flee to the Persian court. He married Farhad's daughter and became part of the Parthian family. Then he marched with an army to Armenia but he was defeated again. Farhad 3 was poisoned by his sons, one of which ascended the throne as Mehrdad 3rd....

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