Parthia Supports Tigranes Against Tigranes

Parthia Supports Tigranes Against Tigranes... 06/10/69BC History, #Armenia, #Armenian, #Artaxata, #Farhad, #Farhad_3, #Lucullus, #Parthia, #Pompey, #Roman, #Tigranes, #Tigranocerta

Tigranes the great of Armenia was caught off guard during the battle of Tigranocerta when the Roman Lucullus bribed the guards. These infidel guards opened the city gates on Oct, 10, 69 B.C. thus Tigranes lost the battle. He reached Farhad 3 of Parthia for support against Romans but Farhad preferred to support his son-in-law whose name was Tigranes too. The army of Tigranes the great defeated Lucullus one year later at Artaxata, forcing the Romans to withdraw from the Armenian territory. Meanwhile Tigranes the younger had gathered an army to invade Armenia in 65 B.C. in alliance with Pompey who succeeded Lucullus. Nevertheless this betrayal did not pay and the unfaithful son-in-law was taken prisoner after Romans accepted a heavy tribute paid by Armenians for peace....

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