Mohammad Blinded By Masood Ghaznavi

Mohammad Blinded By Masood Ghaznavi... 01/07/1030 History, #Ghaznavi, #Ghazneh, #Islam, #Masood_Ghaznavi, #Pakistan, #Persian, #Saboktakin, #Seljuk, #Sultan, #Sultan_Mahmoud, #Turkish, #Turks

Before his death, Sultan Mahmoud of the Ghaznavi dynasty had chosen Masood as the crown prince to succeed him. The Ghaznavi dynasty was founded by Saboktakin, a former slave in 977. Masood Ghaznavi who wanted to make sure that he would have no competitors for the throne, blinded his brother Mohammad. This behavior was not approved by many people who felt sympathy for Mohammad. Their father was a great warrior that made efforts for revival of Persian language and literature although he was from Turkish descent. He spread Islam in Indian peninsula that resulted in creation of Pakistan nine centuries after his death.
People gradually lost interest in Masood Ghaznavi's reign. Lack of public support and popularity resulted in the defeat of Masood's army from the Seljuk Turks only 10 years later. After the western half of the empire was lost, Masood retreated to the city of Ghazneh where he was killed by angry people and replaced by his blind brother Mohammad. The Ghaznavi dynasty continued to rule their eastern provinces until 1186. They were noted for their architecture and for their patronage of arts and sciences...

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