SearchShah Gives Firooz Region To Russia

Shah Gives Firooz Region To Russia... 27/05/1893 History, #Europe, #Iran, #Naseroddin_Shah, #Qajar, #Russia, #Shah, #Turkmenistan

Naseroddin Shah of Qajar dynasty approved an agreement signed between Iran and Russia that changed the border line in favor of Russians. The Firooz region now located in Turkmenistan was therefore given away to Russia. As usual, the terms of such heinous agreements were published in Europe without any notice in Iran. Iranians learned about the treaty three years later, after Naseroddin Shah was assassinated. Kings of the Qajar dynasty were of very low quality and did not care much about the future of the country. During Qajar reign, the administrative system plunged into deep corruption which has continued to date....

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