Reza Khan Becomes Reza Shah

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Four years after his coup d'état, Reza Shah proclaimed king and started the Pahlavi dynasty which lasted until 1979 as the last monarchy in the Iranian history. It's been registered in history that Reza Pahlavi was in favor of republic as the form of government and wanted to follow the path in Turkey. The idea had been opposed by conservative clerics who became influential in the political system during the Qajar dynasty.
After Mohammad Ali Shah's mysterious death in exile, the parliament declared the end of the Qajar dynasty in 1925. However, there was no authority but the Queen of Britain perhaps to crown Reza khan who used to be a Cossack officer a couple of years before becoming the new king. Therefore he crowned himself personally at the Gulistan palace. The former Cossack officer, born of middle-class landowners on the shores of the Caspian Sea, placed a specially-made crown of diamonds, emeralds and rubies on his own head.
He then appointed Abdolhossein Teimurtash as his royal court minister and Mohammad Ali Foroughi as the prime minister. His term began with reforms and infrastructure constructions specially with help from German experts. His relations with Nazi Germans were going to cost him his crown. During the WWII, Iran was occupied by Britain and Soviets in 1941. He was disposed and replaced by his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi....

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