First Fatal Car Accident In Iran

First Fatal Car Accident In Iran... 22/02/1927 History, #Amiriyeh, #Darvish, #Darvish_Khan, #Ford, #Gholamhossein_Darvish, #Iran, #Iranian, #Khan, #Nazmiyeh, #Polka

Gholamhossein Darvish aka Darvish Khan, a famous Iranian musician of the time became the first victim of a car accident in Iran. Automobiles had recently been introduced to Iranian streets and the total number of cars did not exceed 50. Therefore there was no obligation for having a driving license thus; most of drivers did not have essential qualifications besides terrible road conditions.
It was late at night. Mr. Darvish hired a carriage, a four-wheeled passenger vehicle pulled by two horses which was a common means of transportation of the time in order to return home from a musical performance. The carriage was turning from the Amiriyeh street towards north when suddenly it collided with a Ford coming from opposite direction. The horses died at the scene and Mr. Darvish who'd been thrown out of the coach was suffering from severe head injuries. He was rushed to the nearby Nazmiyeh hospital. Despite all efforts this great musician lost his life after five days.
Before him, the traditional Iranian music instrument taar had 5 strings. He introduced the sixth string and created new ways to making traditional Iranian music besides newly popular themes such as Polka. He was also the first person who founded music classes for women....

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