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Mohammad Ali Shah of Qajar dynasty had to flee the country after the Constitutional Monarchy Movement succeeded in capturing Tehran. He first sought refuge at the Russian embassy and then fled to Europe. He then put together an army with the help of Russians and entered the Iranian territory to regain his lost crown.
Meanwhile, the parliament announced 100,000 Tomans reward for his head, dead or alive. This was a very considerable amount at the time. He was able to take most parts of northern Iran under control and sent an army of Turcoman fighters headed by Arshadoddoleh towards Tehran that proceeded quickly and stationed in Varamin. Arshadoddoleh sent a letter to his wife Akhtaroddoleh in Tehran saying that he'd meet her soon. The Constitutional Movement forces confronted him and took his army under siege. Arshadoddoleh was captured alive and executed on an interesting date: Sep, 11, 1911. This marked the end of Mohammad Ali Shah's campaign and his forces collapsed one by one.
Born in 1872, Mohammad Ali Shah became king after his father Mozaffaroddin Shah died in 1907. Because of his objection to Constitutional Monarchy, his reign lasted for less than two years and he died in exile at the age of 53....

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