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Mirza Reza Kermani was the person who assassinated Naseroddin Shah of Qajar dynasty on May, 1, 1986. While the Shah was paying a visit to the Abdolazim shrine in Rhagae, Mirza Reza approached him with a big paper that looked like a petition under which he was hiding a gun. Thus he put an end to the miserable life of a king whose debauchery cost Iranians a lot. Mirza Reza who committed the first political assassination of the contemporary Iranian history resembled Naseroddin Shah to an old tree under which only insidious bugs would survive. It's reported that Mozaffaroddin Shah was not really willing to approve his execution and that he was somehow forced to approve the punishment. 5000 people attended the exexution ceremony. Mirza Reza never felt sorry for his act and as he was going to the gallows his last wish was a verse to be written on his tomb with such a context : Let this king hunt be dedicated to Iranian nation. His body was hanging in Mashgh Square for two days....

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