Hassan Sabbah Dies

Hassan Sabbah Dies...
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The darkest days of the Iranian history is associated with the Turkic tribal invasions, not only because of misery inflicted on citizens but also due to the fact that Iranians could no longer live as farmers because of constant attacks from bandits. This period generated a cult of Ismailism leaded by Hasan Sabbah that stationed in mountain castles across Iran for at least part of generations to survive. Otherwise Iranians today would probably have resembled the Chinese. Hasan Sabbah's rise to power started with the capture, or purchase of the Alamout castle on Sep, 3, 1090 from a Deylami prince.
This castle became the headquarters of Assassins who became a counterweight against Seljuk oppression for a short period of time. Sabbah was a very strict man who put to death two of his own sons for disobeying religious laws. Before his death, he appointed his colleague, Kia Bozorg as his successor, from whom the remaining six Grand Masters of his Order were directly descended. Hasan Sabbah is known to be the originator of the New Cause....

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