Assassin Master Kia Bozorg Dies

Assassin Master Kia Bozorg Dies... 20/01/1138 History, #Alaaddin, #Alamout, #Chengiz_Khan, #Imam, #Jalaloddin, #Khan, #Kharazmian, #Kharazmshah, #Muslim, #New_Cause, #Nuroddin, #Persia

Kia Bozorg, the Grand Master of the Alamout castle died and was succeeded by his son Mohammad. He in turn was followed by his son Ḥasan who declared himself a descendant of Imam and carried on the New Cause. Hasan held a great assembly on August 8, 1164 in which he declared himself the Imam, thus he was quickly labeled heretics by Orthodox Muslims. Hasan was finally assassinated by his brother-in-law on Jan, 10, 1166. He was succeeded by his son Nuroddin Mohammad who possessed considerable knowledge of philosophy and gained much respect for the order even between Kharazmian princes.
Mohammad died on Sep, 1, 1210, and was succeeded by his son, Jalaloddin, who reversed the policy of his father and grandfather and declared himself an orthodox Muslim. He gained honors from the Caliph and fell at odds with Kharazmshah. Strangely enough, he paid homage to Chengiz Khan after he invaded Persia. This action created such disgust that he was poisoned by his wife in Nov, 1220.
He was succeeded by his 9 year old son Alaaddin....

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