Mashhad Liberated By Nader's Army

Mashhad Liberated By Nader's Army... 29/11/1727 History, #Darvish, #Imam, #Imam_Reza, #India, #Kharazm, #Khorasan, #Margiana, #Marv, #Mashhad, #Persia, #Segestan, #Shah, #Shah_Tahmasp, #Tahmasp, #Tartary

Shah Tahmasp was wandering in Margiana when he heard Nader's victory over a usurper named Melek in Khorasan but he knew that Nader's army was not big enough to set a siege against Melek's artillery. He sent a messenger inviting Nader to accompany his forces. Nader set out instantly, and met the Shah. After a long conference; on Sep,7, 1727, both armies marched towards Mashhad. The siege had lasted near two months when one of the officers of Melek named Pir Mohammad, offered to deliver the city to the besiegers if he was pardoned.
On Nov, 29th Nader entered Mashhad at the head of 12,000 men at midnight while most of the garrison laid down their arms. Melek and a few of his chiefs fled to the citadel but soon surrendered. Nader treated them with lenity and let Melek retire as a Darvish to the shrine of Imam Reza. Melek had been governor of Segestan, but captured Khorasan when the Afghans invaded Persia, and was delighted with the ruin of his country, as it gave him an opportunity of raising himself to power. When it became clear that Melek was trying to incite a revolt in Marv, he was put to death.
Nader had the dome of the sacred shrine gilt thus adding his ornament to the city to this day. This gained him much popularity. Shah Tahmasp, scared of Nader's power tried to eliminate him but Nader soon put siege on a castle where he was hiding. From this time on, Nader took the government into his own hands. Nader had the four kingdoms of Persia, India, Tartary, and Kharazm in mind....

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