Afghan Prince Beseiges Mashhad

Afghan Prince Beseiges Mashhad... 27/07/1730 History, #Afghan, #Charbagh, #Erivan, #Ferah, #Hamedan, #Herat, #India, #Kandahar, #Mashhad, #Persian, #Qazvin, #Tabriz, #Zoheireddoleh

After Nader liberated Hamedan and Tabriz, he was moving his army towards Erivan when he heard the news that Prince Hossein had laid a siege on Mashhad. His brother Zoheireddoleh was ordered to avoid a battle with the Afghans: but he neglected the order and engaged the besiegers on Jul, 27, 1730. After a sharp conflict he had to return back.
Nader had to deal with other rebellions on his way and when he entered Qazvin on Aug, 17th, the news of Nader's army approaching reached Mashhad and Prince Hossein retreated to Herat plundering all districts on his way. Nader could not reach Mashhad until October but the fear was enough for the enemy to retreat.
He left his camp in Charbagh near Mashhad on Mar, 14, 1731 and encamped near Herat on April, 2nd. At midnight, a body of Afghans tried to assassinate him but they did not succeed as he drew his saber and rushed into the midst of the assassins.
Meanwhile Zoheireddoleh did his best to make up for his late disgrace, by the vigor with which he pushed the siege of Ferah: he soon took it, and put the rebels who had defended it, to the sword.
The blockade of Herat lasted till the end of the year because Nader wanted to avoid civilian casualties but when he started bombarding the city, the garrison opened the gates and surrendered. Herat was filled with a Persian garrison and the rebels fled to Kandahar and India....

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