Ottomans Give Battle To Iranians

Ottomans Give Battle To Iranians... 30/07/1745 History, #Diyarbakir, #Erzurum, #Iranian, #Nader_Shah, #Nasrollah, #Ottoman, #Ottomans, #Shah, #Turkish, #Turks, #Yenicheri

Information arrived that a vast Turkish army was marching by the way of Erzurum with more troops hastening through Diyarbakir to join them with all their forces. By one decisive blow, Nader decided to terminate his dispute with the Ottomans: he therefore sent his son Nasrollah to prevent the junction of the two armies. On July, 28 he encamped in the same plain where he had defeated Abdollah ten years before. On the 30th, both armies advanced into the plain; but the whole day was spent in slight skirmishes, in which the Turks generally retired with loss.
A detachment of Persians, who were sent to examine the Turkish camp, were surprised to find it deserted; alarmed at the very name of Nader Shah and impressed by his war tactics and the discipline and courage seen in Iranian soldiers, the Ottoman general had decided to retreat silently.
On Aug, 9 a letter from Prince Nasrollah gave news of a complete victory over Pashas who were marching from Diyarbakir. The letter was immediately sent to the Ottoman general by one of the prisoners of war. As soon as he reached his camp, a loud noise was heard; the soldiers had revolted, and put their commander to death. The battle was then won with 12000 Yenicheri soldiers slain on the scene while the rest of the great Ottoman army fled in confusion.
In March, Nader sent an offer of accommodation to the Ottoman court, but the whole year was spent in negotiations, and peace was not concluded till January 1747....

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