Ottomans Declare War

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The third and final phase of clashes between Iran and the Ottomans began after a series of negotiations between the two states were not settled. The Ottomans wanted to set up a puppet king, a Safavid pretender who proclaimed Shah of Iran and was kept in Izmir for some time. Then he was sent to Erzurum on Sep, 23 to be used to challenge the authority of Nader Shah who had already attacked Baghdad, Kerkuk in August and Mosul in September 1743. However, he was not very successful and he was beaten back in Mosul with heavy losses. Then he tried to take Kars in July 1744 but he had to retreat and move his army towards Erivan. Iranians finally won the decisive battle of Baghavard which ended in a revolt in Ottoman army who had to retreat to Kars. This battle made Ottomans suspicious of Yenicheri units and they somehow experienced the fact that foreign soldiers can't be reliable. The same fact that cost Iranians three centuries of occupation after Dariush 3 left the battlefield against Alexander.
After a series of letters and exchange of ambassadors, a peace treaty was signed on Sep, 4, 1746 by which the Ghasreshirin boundaries remained unchanged....

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