Shah Ismail Appoints Governor Of Khuzestan

Shah Ismail Appoints Governor Of Khuzestan... 03/09/1508 History, #Baghdad, #Basra, #Deylaman, #Governor, #Iran, #Iraq, #Karbala, #Khadem, #Khuzestan, #Mesopotamia, #Muslim, #Najaf, #Ottomans, #Persian, #Prophet_Mohammad, #Safavid, #Shah, #Shah_Ismail, #Shiite, #Turkish, #Zand

Shah Ismail, the founder of the Safavid dynasty appointed Khadem Beyk as the governor of the Khuzestan province. The southern part of Mesopotamia, today's Iraq including Basra were included in the domain of Khadem Beyk without any change to Iran's map of provinces. Ismail's reign was marked by enormous conquests, shaping the map of Iran up to the present day. Baghdad, Najaf, and Karbala were seized from the Ottomans.
During the Deylaman, Safavid, and Zand reign, the governors of Shiite provinces used to be chose from Shiites so that their rights were secured. This was due to the fact that otherwise their minority rights were not observed and their holy places did not get protection.
Shah Ismail, a man of great talents was also a great Sufi poet and wrote under the pen name Khatayee. His poems were written in Turkish and Persian and assembled in a Divan. Most of the poems are about divine love of Gods and Muslim Saints. A descendant of the Prophet Mohammad, he lived in the hearts and souls of his followers as a holy person who was also a great warrior in the battlefield....

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