Alparslan Killed

Alparslan Killed... 25/11/1072 History, #Alparslan, #Kharazmian, #Marv, #Oxus, #Seljuk, #Sultan, #Turkestan

When Alparslan, the Great Sultan of the Seljuk dynasty decided to march towards Turkestan, a Kharazmian governor named Yusuf defended a fortress by the Oxus river vigorously. But he was defeated against the great Seljuk army and was taken prisoner. When he was brought before the Sultan, he swiftly dragged his dagger and attacked him. The Sultan who was very proud of himself, told his guards not to intervene and tried to subdue Yusuf by a shot of his bow. But he missed the shot and received a wound in his breast that killed him after four days on Nov, 25. His body was taken to Marv to be buried next to his father's tomb.
It's remarkable that most successful warriors of all times some believed to be immortal and that very impression became the key to their success and their failure from the vanity that overreached their good sense....

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