Sadegh Khan Proclaims Shah

Sadegh Khan Proclaims Shah... 22/08/1779 History, #Abolfath_Khan, #Ali_Morad_Khan, #Karim_Khan, #Khan, #Morad, #Persia, #Persian, #Sadegh_Khan, #Shah, #Shiraz, #Zand

Sadegh Khan was the brother of Karim Khan but he did not have any of his brother's qualities. He staged a conspiracy with Ali Morad Khan who was appointed as the head of the Persian army and raided Shiraz and slew Abolfath Khan on Aug, 22, 1779. Thus, he became the fifth Shah of the Zand dynasty. Unfortunately, Sadegh Khan was famous for his corruption and the course of his reigning was the pinnacle of his political mischief that led to the destruction of the Zand dynasty. Two after his coup, Sadegh Khan was killed by Ali Morad Khan who declared himself the ruler of Persia....

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