Zand / Qajar Clash Near Perspolis

Zand / Qajar Clash Near Perspolis... 05/06/1792 History, #Agha_Mohammad_Khan, #Fars, #Haji, #Kerman, #Khan, #Lotfali, #Lotfali_Khan, #Perspolis, #Qajar, #Shiraz, #Tabas, #Zand

After Haji Ebrahim defected to Qajars, in exchange of becoming the Fars province ruler, Lotfali Khan advanced to the vicinity of Shiraz and encircled the city, taking control of all districts around Shiraz. He hoped that this action will starve the city into submission. Agha Mohammad Khan first sent 7000 cavalries to help Haji Ebrahim. They beat off the Zand troops at first but were defeated when Lotfali Khan took field personally. Shiraz was suffering from the siege and the whole province of Fars was devastated because of the fighting and locusts that had plagued the countryside for 4 years.
As soon as he heard the news, Agha Mohammad Khan put together as large a force as possible and marched towards Shiraz. Lotfali Khan, with a handful of troops made a night attack near Perspolis. Although he seemed successful in the beginning, at first light he discovered that Agha Mohammad Khan still held the field. Lotfali Khan had no way but to flee to Kerman and then to Tabas....

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