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An Iranian, who had been taken slave attacked Caliph Omar and 12 of his guards in a mosque. Omar had banned Iranian slaves from entering the city of Medina but this particular person whose name was Firooz Nahavandi was a good carpenter, blacksmith and painter, thus was given special permit to stay in the city to serve his masters. Firooz had not accepted Islam, and like many other Iranians whose country was ravaged by Arabs during Omar's reign had been seeking an opportunity to take revenge for a long time. His attack was sudden and Omar was stabbed several times. Omar died a couple of days later and so did 6 of his guards. Omar's reign lasted for more than 10 years.
After Omar's death, Osman became the third of the Rashidun Caliphs.
After Omar's death, Iran became the scene of several rebellions against Caliphates but none of these movements succeeded. Uprisings in Hamedan and Azerbaijan were suppressed by killing lots of civilians who did not bring Islam. Most of their villages were razed to the ground after men were killed and women were sold in slave markets. As a result of systematic discrimination, many great civilizations including Egypt and Syria lost their language and identity over time. Iran somehow miraculously succeeded in overcoming cultural assimilation by Arab rulers; mostly because of national heroes such as Firooz Nahavandi.
Great numbers of books were seized from Iranian libraries during the Arab raid. When Saad Ibn Vaghas asked Omar what to do about the books, in a letter Omar ordered either burning, or throwing them in the river. Iranians like Ferdowsi, the author of Shahnameh proved that a pure culture dwells in the hearts and mind of people just like the Eternal Fire....

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