Execution Of Ambassador By Mehrdad 2

Execution Of Ambassador By Mehrdad 2...
1host2u.com 24/10/90BC History

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The Iranian ambassador to the Roman court Arorobazus was condemned to death by the court. After the Parthian king Mehrdad 2 approved the decree, the public execution took place in the Tisfun city square to depict the importance of Iranian dignity. Arorobazus had reportedly sat in a lower seat than his Roman counterpart, General Sola during negotiations between the two nations. The event was immediately reported to the royal court by special spies called the king's eyes. King Mehrdad 2, had specially invited the Roman ambassador to Iran as a guest of honor to witness the event and report it.
Mehrdad 2 had quoted that modesty was accepted as a noble and honorable manner but not in state's political affairs against hostile nations. That kind of behavior may lead to many unwanted circumstances....

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