End OF Mongol Persia

End OF Mongol Persia...
1host2u.com 10/04/1336 History

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Abu Saeed from the Ilkhanates Dynasty died on Dec, 1, 1335 leaving a corrupt, and barbaric tribal rule that staged biggest massacres in history, alongside destruction of many sources of science and culture. The Ilkhanates state lost cohesion after his death, despite the fact that Arpagan, a descendent of Chengiz Khan, assumed power. Almost immediately he had to deal with an invasion by the Golden Horde. He defeated the invasion, and furthermore used it as a pretext for executing Abu Saeed's widow in an effort to cement his power. In order to gain further legitimacy, he married Abu Saeed's sister.
On April, 10, 1336, he had to face Ali Pasha, the governor of Baghdad near Maragheh, where he was defeated and soon after he was captured and killed. Two days later, on April, 12, Ali Pasha, installed Musa as a his puppet king. However, Musa was forced to flee after being defeated at Kara Darreh by Hasan Bozorg on July 24, 1336.
The great voyager Ibn Batuta was amazed at discovering, on his return to Persia, that what had seemed to be such a mighty realm only twenty years before had dissolved so quickly....

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