Abolfath Khan Ascends Zand Throne

Abolfath Khan Ascends Zand Throne...
1host2u.com 19/06/1779 History

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Following Zaki Khan's sudden death, on June 19, 1779 Abolfath Khan became the sole ruler of Persia. He was a son of Karimkhan and there seemed to be no dispute on his legitimacy. Zaki Khan was a very influential person and his death created a power vacuum which many were waiting for. In this power struggle, his death created the opportunity for local rulers to begin their rebellion.
When Ali Morad Khan, the commander of royal army left to undermine a Qajar attack in the north, the capital was defenseless. So when Sadegh Khan invaded Shiraz on Aug, 22, 1779, he faced little resistance. Sadegh Khan slew Abol Fath Khan after tearing his eyes from their sockets, and declared himself the ruler of Persia.
Ali Morad Khan did not submit to Sadegh Khan and captured Isfahan. Shortly after that, In 1781, he raided Shiraz and became the new king of Persia. He then blinded Sadegh Khan and killed his sons. Sadegh Khan, in great sorrow committed suicide.
And so the violent succession of kings of Zand continued....

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