Teimur Exterminates The Mozaffarids

Teimur Exterminates The Mozaffarids...
1host2u.com 22/05/1393 History

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When we evaluate certain punishments in old times and judge them as acts of cruelty by some Mozaffarid rulers, we should imagine what life looked like during the time of Teimur Lang whose atrocities has been the source of unbelievable stories that make one think how satanic and bloodthirsty a person can be.
As we study the manners of Mozaffarids, its remarkable how they tried to re-establish Iranian ways of life after expelling the Mongol Ilkhanates. Teimur did not dare attack Iran during Shah Shoja's reign and was sinisterly waiting for an opportunity that arose.with Shah Shoja's death in 1384.
When Teimur invaded Iran, the Mozaffarid rulers did not agree to join forces behind Shah Mansour. Therefore Isfahan opened its gates to after a shirt siege which followed by a massacre of 70,000 civilians, despite the promise given by the invading army who galloped their horses over the orphans of the dead. That is a historical lesson not to trust foreign forces and to resist till the last drop of blood.
So did Shah Mansour who attacked Teimur's forces in Shiraz knowing that the enemy had a legendary army of 700,000 mean. This battle in 1393 has become the source of many inspirations for poets that resemble it to Ashura.
The remaining Mozaffarid princes then swore alliegence to Teimur and were received honorably by the conqueror, Teimur gathered all survivers of the Mozaffarid family in Ghomsheh on May, 22, 1393, and beheaded all of them so that none could re-claim the Mozaffarid throne. There is still a mausoleum belinging to one of those Mozaffarid princes in the city which is now called Shahreza, 75 km south of Isfahan. It's considered a sacred place....

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