Ilkhanates Embrace Islam

Ilkhanates Embrace Islam... 16/06/1295 History, #Baydu, #Emir_Norooz, #Ghazan, #Herat, #Ilkhanates, #Islam, #Khan, #Khorasan, #Mahmoud_Ghazan, #Mongol, #Neishabour, #Norooz, #Oljaitu, #Shamanism, #Yasa

In a political move, Ghazan Khan converted to Islam, on June, 16, 1295 and took the name Mahmoud. Thus he earned the support of his earlier enemy Mongol Emir Norooz. Within a few months, Ghazan challenged Baydu for the throne, having him executed on Oct, 5, 1295.
Mahmoud Ghazan, then eliminated the partisans of Emir Norooz for treason in May, 1297 before marching against Emir Norooz army in Khorasan, and defeated him near Neishabour. Emir Norooz took refuge in Herat, but he was soon arrested and delivered to Ghazan Khan, who had him executed immediately on Aug, 13, 1297.
The Mongol Yasa code of law remained in place and Shamanism remained politically influential throughout the reign of both Mahmoud Ghazan and his brother and successor Oljaitu, but ancient Mongol traditions eventually went into decline after Oljaitu's demise....

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