Teimur Lang Is Dead

Teimur Lang Is Dead...
1host2u.com 27/02/1405 History

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Teimur Lang died on Feb, 27, 1405 AD at the age of 70. He was on a new expedition of China when death caught him in Farab, 76 km from Samarkand. It is noticeable that he had just returned back from a campaign in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Asia Minor and the main reason for this new war was to keep his vast army of 200,000 men busy; providing them with resources that came from looting cities.
Prince Hossein Mirza rushed back towards Samarkand in order to put his claim on the throne and take control of great city treasures which was gathered from looting and destroying thousands of cities. The nobles panicked and quickly appointed Prince Khalil as Teimur's successor because Crown Prince Jahangir (Teimur's appointed heir to the throne) was in Kandahar at the time and it would be too late for him to reach Samarkand.
Teimur's sons and grandsons soon engaged in battles all across the Teimurid realm. One month after Teimur's death, Prince Shahrokh proclaimed king in Herat and started eliminating other claimants to the throne one by one. After four years and several battles, he took back his father's capital Samarkand.
On the 43th year of his reign, Shahrokh died in 1447 near Rhagae on his way to suppress a revolt by one of Teimur's grandsons in Isfahan. Shahrokh somehow succeeded in keeping the Teimurid realm together until his death....

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