CFK Occupation Of US Embassy

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Only three days after the Iranian Revolution, on Feb, 14, 1979 a group of CFK armed militants took control of the US embassy in Tehran facing little resistance. After a brief clash with the US Marines guarding the embassy, the compound was under control of the CFK. The United States was seen as Iran's greatest enemy especially after the CIA-backed coup of 1953.
However, Imam Khomeini, the leader of the revolution did not approve this action. While Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs was issuing official apologies, he went to the embassy accompanied with armed forces of the Revolution Committee and convinced the militants to end occupation of the US Embassy.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the interim government headed by Bazargan apologized for the unfortunate incident and guaranteed security of the US embassy compound and its employees thereafter. It was a happy ending on Valentine's Day.
Nine months later, on Nov, 4th a group of young people calling themselves Students in the path of Imam stormed the U.S. embassy and took the staff hostage thus starting a strange period in the US-Iran history labeled as the Hostage Crisis.
The moderate government of Mehdi Bazargan resigned in protest. Gradually, the power struggle between fractions in Iran resulted in monopoly of hardliners who took control of Iranian politics and economy and Khomeini justified their actions, right or wrong in the name of Islam. That became the foundation of the Islamic Revolution where the US because of its hostile attitudes towards Iran was called the Great Satan....

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