Etemadoddoleh Becomes Vezir

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Shortly after Qajar king Naseroddin Shah dismissed Amirkabir, he appointed Mirza Aghakhan Nouri as his new Vezir on Dec, 17, 1951. The new Vezir, with the given title Etemadoddoleh was indeed a British spy who conspired against the previous Vezir Amirkabir with the help of Shah's mother Mahdolia. Etemadoddoleh had obtained British citizenship and he had secured a written decree from Shah by which Naseroddin Shah had promised not to kill him under any circumstances. In less than a month, Amirkabir who had tried to cut off foreign influence from the royal court was murdered at the Feen Garden of Kashan on Jan, 10, 1952.
Probably the greatest achievement of Mirza Aghakhan Nouri was separation of Afghanistan from Iran and kindly handling it to the British. Near the end of 1852, he had already signed a deal according to which Iran revoked her claims to Herat. His term as grand Vezir of the Qajar court lasted for seven years; during this time, foreign influence increased dramatically within the Qajar administration. Many concessions were granted especially to Britain and Russia.
After he was retired, Mirza Aghakhan Nouri took trips to Varamin, Arak, Isfahan, and Yazd before settling in Qom where he died on March 15, 1865 at the age of 59. He was buried in Karbala, Iraq.
One of his sons named Hossein Gholi Khan with the given title Sadrossaltaneh became the first Iranian Ambassador to USA. His nick name became Haji Washington after he made headlines by sacrificing a lamb on the balcony of a luxurious hotel in New York....

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