Kermanshah Historical Median City: Godin Tappeh

Kermanshah Historical Median City: Godin Tappeh... 02/08/2014 History

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The historical site of Godin Tappeh (hillock) is located about ten kilometers east of Kangavar, in the western province of Kermanshah.
According to Iran Daily, Nomadic cattle-herders speaking an Indo-Iranian language moved into the Zagros region in the first quarter of the first millennium, and settled among the native population, Livius reported.
They are mentioned for the first time in the Assyrian Annals as enemies of king Salmaneser III (858-824).
The inhabitants of the land of the Medes were divided into several smaller clans, and although the Assyrian kings were able to subdue some of them, they never conquered all of Media.
One of the Median princes lived on a hill that is now called Godin Tappeh, which dominated a fertile plain along the road from Ecbatana, the Median capital, to the west, to Behistun and beyond, to Babylonia and Assyria.
The fortified manor consisted of at least three halls (reminiscent of the throne hall of Cyrus’ Palace in Pasargadae), several storage rooms, and a comparatively small throne hall with banks on four sides. There was also a kitchen with three ovens and a drain.
On the north face of the hill, the remains of a heavy wall with five bastions have been excavated.
The cemetery was to the south of the ancient town. The site is not unlike nearby Tappeh Nush-e Jan or the Urartian fort Çavustepe, which also date back to the Iron Age.
Although Godin Tappeh offers a splendid view of the plain, the modern visitor will be slightly disappointed by the site itself.
---The historical site of Godin Tappeh (hillock) is located about ten kilometers east of Kangavar, in the western province of Kermanshah. According to Ir …---...

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