I have doubts about the earth statistics: Sohrab Sepehri

I have doubts about the earth statistics: Sohrab Sepehri ...
1host2u.com 11/11/2014 Arts

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A sneak peek at the good old New Persian Poetry!
By Mir Masood Hosseini
Sohrab Sepehri is considered to be one of the best modern Persian poets. His poetry is full of humanity and concern for human values. He loved nature and refers to it frequently. Well-versed in Buddhism, mysticism and Western traditions, he mingled the Western concepts with Eastern ones, thereby creating a kind of poetry unsurpassed in the history of Persian literature.
The following is a rigid translation of one of his famous works questioning the human society:
من به آمار زمین مشکوکم تو چطور؟
اگر این سطح پر از آدمهاست
پس چرا اینهمه دلها تنهاست
بیخودی می گویند هیچکس تنها نیست
چه کسی تنها نیست؟ همه از هم دورند
همه در جمع ولی تنهایند
من که در تردیدم تو چطور؟
نکند هیچ کسی اینجا نیست
سهراب سپهری
I have doubts about the earth statistics, how about you?
If this surface is full of humans
Then why are hearts so lonely
They say in vain, "no one is alone"
Who is not lonely, every body is far from each other
Everyone is lonely in the crowd
I am in doubt, how about you?
Maybe nobody is in here!
Sohrab Sepehri

Perhaps Sohrab is referring to the fact that among billions of humanoids living on earth, a great majority seem to be filling the space rather than feeling an obligation to act humane, how about you?

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