Persian Language Centre in Muscat to sponsor trips of learners

Persian Language Centre in Muscat to sponsor trips of learners ... 17/12/2014 Culture

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by ELHAM POURMOHAMMADI | December 16, 2014 , 11 : 15 pm GST
The Persian classes are taught by an experienced professor of Ferdowsi University. There are three sessions a week and each term lasts for seven weeks.– TIMES OF OMAN
Muscat: Promising language learners studying at the Persian Language Centre in Muscat can get a chance to visit Iran and use the language in a real context.
As an extracurricular activity, the centre plans to arrange trips to Iran for those language learners who reach the required level of proficiency in order to help them use the language in a native context and improve their conversation skills, according to an Iranian official.
"They will stay for a week or 10 days in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz where they will get a chance to communicate with Iranians. The centre will partially fund the trip so the student does not have to pay for all the expenses," Nasr Hemadi, cultural attaché of the Iranian Embassy in the Sultanate, told Times of Oman.
Such trips will also help them become more familiar with the country and its culture and history, he added.
The official added that the centre plans to hold short-term courses in the future for those who want to make a trip to Iran to teach them the basic words and phrases that they may need for their trip.
Another extracurricular activity that the centre is looking to organise is separate conversation classes in which a group of Omanis or other foreigners can sit with an Iranian and speak in Persian, said Hemadi.
"The timing of these classes will be flexible and can be decided by the professor and the language learners," he said.
The Persian classes at the centre are taught by a highly experienced professor of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, which is one of the most prominent universities in Iran, according to Hemadi.
There are three sessions a week and each term lasts for seven weeks, he said, noting that the centre offers a special discount for students.
There is a one-week break after each term.
Registration hours are currently from 4pm to 8pm every day of the week except holidays, and registration should be done in person so that the applicants can fill out the necessary forms, have their efficiency level tested and receive the necessary materials.
The cultural attaché of the Iranian Embassy also noted that registration will be open from 8am to 8pm after the centre is officially inaugurated and a permanent manager takes over the institute.
The centre has recently started offering Arabic classes as well.
The Persian Language Centre is located on the Al Inshirah Street, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos and is not far from the British Council.
Those interested may contact 24691051 for further information.
In addition, Hemadi said that in line with efforts to expand the scope of the centre's activities, a well-stocked library will soon become available at the facility so that those interested can have access to Persian books.
These books are mainly for non-Persian speakers and language learners can ask any questions they have from the professor available at the centre, he said, adding that the library will be especially useful for those Omanis and other foreigners who have a high level of proficiency in Persian.
He also noted that the centre may hold classes in calligraphy, one of the most revered arts throughout Persian history.
Both Iranians and foreigners would be welcome to participate in these classes, said the official.
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