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Iran to export Handwoven Carpet to US... 28/10/2015 Import-Export

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News ID: 2951324 - Tue 27 October 2015 - 20:42
TEHRAN, Oct. 27 (MNA) – Head of the Iranian National Carpet Center has announced the resumption of Iran’s hand-woven carpet export to the US as of the next Iranian calendar year.
Referring to the licensing of Iranian carpet exports to America in clauses of JCPOA, Hamid Kargar said, “the resumption of exports is promising news to Iranian carpet activists in the sense that Iranian exporters will be able to export goods like carpet, pistachio and caviar from Iran to America on the basis of the agreements reached in JCPOA.”
Sanctions against Iranian carpet exports to the US became executive by the act of the Congress in 2010; at a time when people of America were the main costumers of Persian carpets and the US ranked first among importers of Iranian carpets with a share of 16.5 per cent worth nearly 82 million dollars,” Kargar added.
He further asserted that over the past few years, our competitors have taken the lead managing to gain a good share of US carpet market; “according to the US customs statistics, India has become number one exporter of carpet to the Unites States,” he noted.
Kargar further emphasized the possible changes in tastes and needs of customers over the past years and called for important measures to provide a large and long term market for Iranian carpets including observing and analyzing needs of the market, clever advertising of the Persian Carpet brand as well as careful monitoring of rivals’ activities.
He expressed hope that by the removal of sanctions in the next two months, US markets will be open to prestigious Iranian hand-woven carpets; “meanwhile, we urge carpet traders to scrutinize America’s carpet market and the Iranian National Carpet Center will offer full cooperation to this end,” he stressed.
The official highlighted the plannings to invite American businessmen, researchers and media to attend Iran’s carpet production centers to further boost collaborations between Iran and US carpet activists.

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