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Persian warrior’s story depicted at LUMS annual play ... 03/04/2016 Arts

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By Arsalan Haider April 03, 2016
LAHORE: Student gave an enthusiastic performance at Annual Urdu Play of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and enthralled the audience, at Ali Auditorium.
For some reason Rostam and Sohrab featured in a Shahnameh are both bold

* * * The first-ever Urdu play of LUMS’s drama society Dramaline was titled “Rostam O Sohrab”, a story of ancient Persian warrior Rostam and his son Sohrab. The story is adaptation of 10th-century Persian epic by the renowned Persian poet Firdousi. The infamous warrior named Rostam dares to conquer a sacred land. His father Sohrab was the king of Samarkand. As the story unravels, love is found and friends are betrayed; loyalty is tried and a life is lost. Teemed with drama, romance and tragedy, the play offers an experience through Samarkand as the audience delves into the sacrifices given by the people of Iran.
Talking to Daily Times, drama director Dilawar Ali Afzal said it is the year 2016 and “we have become so used to the modern times and have lost a lot of respect for artistry but the love that the people have for theatre is still present.” He said Dramaline is presenting its annual play for several years in English language. But for the first time in the history of LUMS an Urdu language play was presented, he added.
Dilawar said that no doubt Urdu is more appealing for the audience rather than English which is why the play received tremendous response from the audience. He added that the story was chosen because it was a mixture of romance and action as well as perhaps a hidden story.
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