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Negareh: Tileworks on the Ceiling of Seyyed mosque (Isfahan) ... 12/04/2016 Media, #Iranian, #Iranian_architecture, #Isfahan, #Isfahani, #Mohammad_Bagher_Shafti, #Mohammad_Shah, #Negareh, #Persian, #Qajar, #Seyyed, #Seyyed_Mosque, #Shah

Seyyed Mosque (Persian: مسجد سید‎‎) is the biggest and the most famous mosque from the Qajar era in Isfahan. During Mohammad Shah's reign, it was built by Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shafti, one of the most famous clergymen in Isfahan in the middle of the 19th century, but its tiling lasted until the end of the century. In an area of 8075 Square Meters, the Seyyed Mosque is the best sample for studying the tiling art in the Qajar era. Although the project was never completed, it has four main gates, two Chelsotoons, two Shabestans, a dome, three Eyvans, and more than 45 Hojrehs, but no minarets and no Tileworks in Shabestans.
--- Isfahani style (Iranian architecture) ---

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