Paleolithic relics uncovered in Qeshm Island

Paleolithic relics uncovered in Qeshm Island ... 22/09/2016 History

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News ID: 3775017 - Wed 21 September 2016 - 12:34
QESHM, Sep. 21 (MNA) – Excavation work on demarcation of historical cave of Khorbas in Qeshm Island has come across relics of mid-Paleolithic, stone work architecture, and late Islamic-era pottery.
Sirvan Mohammadi Qasrian the head of the expedition told local office of the Cultural Heritage Research Center on Wednesday that the project sought to minimize the wreck of man-made changes on the ancient site; “unregulated constructions, agricultural activities, and road-building are active threats to the site; during the project, 19 excavations delved deep into the site which came across pottery works, stone building architecture, etc., belonging to late Islamic period,” he added.
“The site locates 10km southwest of the island; the rich ancient relics have spread in an area of 10 hectares (27 acres) as the richest of all sites in the Island; the oldest relics are hand-carved tools probably by workers of mid-Paleolithic era; along these works, Parthian-Sassanid pottery and a cemetery were uncovered. In the cave, stone buildings of late-Islamic period are also easily discernible,” Qasrian told the Research Center.
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