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London mayor congratulates Farhadi... 28/02/2017 Politics

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London, Feb 28, IRNA – London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a message congratulated Iranian noted director Asghar Farhadi on winning Oscar for his flick ‘Salesman’.
[London mayor congratulates Farhadi]

* * * The message released on Twitter said, “On behalf of all Londoners, I’d like to offer my warmest congratulations to Asghar Farhadi on his Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for ‘Salesman’.”
People from across London and beyond packed Trafalgar Square on Sunday to watch a free screening of the interesting film in a celebration of the capital as an international hub of creativity and beacon of diversity, he said.
“As Mayor, I am so proud to have hosted this special event, showing that London is open to the world, open to creative talent and open to everyone, regardless of their background, nationality and religion,” he said.
Farhadi won Oscar for the best foreign film for the second time during the 89th Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.
The Oscar 2017 was presented to Farhadi’s “The Salesman” on Monday.
Two Iranian-American elites Anousheh Ansari, the first female space tourist engineer, and Professor Firouz Naderi, former director of Solar Systems Exploration at NASA, represented Farhadi at the 89th Oscar Academy Awards.
---London, Feb 28, IRNA – London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a message congratulated Iranian noted director Asghar Farhadi on winning Oscar for his flick ‘Salesman’. ---

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