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Iranians Celebrate Nature’s Day ... 03/04/2017 Nature, #FNA, #Farsi, #Farvardin, #Iranian, #Nature, #Persian

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranians from all walks of life are seizing the opportunity of the Nature’s Day on Sunday to spend some quality time with their loved ones out in the wilderness across the country.
Despite the downpours and cold weather in some cities and towns, millions are spending the day out.
It is not just natural sites and the countryside to which Iranians venture on April 2 – or Farvardin 13, according to the Iranian calendar – every year in a long-running Persian tradition. More modest destinations, such as parks and recreational sites inside cities are also popular with some Iranians.
The day is popularly known in Farsi as “sizdah bedar,” which roughly translates as “outing the 13th [of Farvardin]".
Whether in the cities or out in the countryside, outdoor barbeques and other portable cooking devices are a common sight. Relishing good food is, after all, an indispensable part of the event.
Civil services such as police and firefighting services are, nevertheless, on alert to make sure the people finish the day safe and sound.
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