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Rajkummar Rao Starrer Newton Inspired By The Iranian Film Secret Ballot? ... 23/09/2017 Fun

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Is Newton A Copy of Secret Ballot?
Newton has been chosen as India’s official selection for Oscars 2018. Needless to say, the entire Bollywood fraternity is rejoicing with this development. However, a day after this news hit the stands, there’s a buzz doing the rounds that the film has been inspired from by a 2001 Iranian movie titled Secret Ballot (whose original title in Persian is Ra’ye makhfi) , which was well received at many international film festivals. Helmed by Babak Payami, the film is based on a similar theme as that of Newton. It focuses on the life of a ballot officer who visits a barren and desolate place to plead the voters out there to cast their votes and take part in the elections. In Newton, Rajkummar Rao too plays the role of an election officer who goes to the Maoist infested land in Chattisgarh to educate the clueless locals about the way the system works and to urge them to vote.
With many calling it an Indian version of the Iranian film, people fear that it could play spoilsport and hamper the film in the final selection. When NDTV approached the film’s director, Amit Masurkar, he stated that he was aware of the existence of an Iranian film with a similar plot line. He said, “I remember after I wrote the script just before I was going to shoot, a friend told me about Secret Ballot. Since the film was on YouTube I watched bits and pieces but that was very different I felt. A lady polling officer goes door to door. Also, there is some kind of romantic track which is not in Newton. I knew someday people will draw similarities but what can one do? When you write a story there is a possibility that someone else must have written a similar story somewhere in the world.”
Well, that’s indeed true. However, the reason why we’re worried is that the Oscar jury is known to discard a film if they find it to be inspired by another movie without mentioning or giving proper credit to it in the beginning. A similar thing had happened when Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black was selected and there was a lot of commotion of the film being inspired by a Hollywood movie. Well, what awaits the Rajkummar Rao starrer film, only time will tell. Until then all we can do is wait and watch.
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