Write Farsi to Image: Convert Persian text to render with ImageTTFText

Write Farsi to Image: Convert Persian text to render with ImageTTFText...
github.com 28/07/2020 Internet-IT

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Finally! The working solution is here: GitHub - slashmili/php-gd-persian: Wrapper for using Persian chars in GD lib
The web is full of garbage specially when it comes to Persian related solutions or problems related to users in Iran. Sanctions and blocked contents set aside, the coder should have the spirit of a Ninja warrior to also hop over the fences of restrictions, filters, and medieval internet access. In terms of comparison, a Persian programmer should ride a chariot to compete Porsche.
For such a simple issue such as converting RTL Persian text to image (jpg, png, gif) which is not supported in native PHP the only working solution was hiding in Github after dealing with trash such as Pango, Cairo, Word2uni, Farsigd etc which are indeed useless, confusing junk.
Anyways, there are limitations in Github also, yet that's all we got, a place to start. So lets use and contribute.
There's a glitch or two to begin with.
Although there's a running sample included in the package named test01.php, some users may have trouble using the solution as a function. These are the two main issues sofar:
PHP error reporting must be turned off wit the command ini_set("error_reporting","E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT"); as seen in the example. Awkward enough, the code triggers some warnings that needs to be taken care of.
Good enough? Cheers :)
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