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Students Shot Dead At Tehran University... 07/12/1953 History, #CIA, #Nixon, #Richard_Nixon, #Tehran, #Tehran_University

On Nov, 15, 1953 it had been announced that Richard Nixon was travelling to Tehran. The wounds of the CIA backed coup were still bleeding and university students planned on a protest. The junta regime settled soldiers and spies in the university campus in order to make Richard Nixon's trip safe and sound. In the early morning hours of Dec, 6, the students entering the university became aware of unusual military equipment and they entered their classes calmly not to provide any pretext for a confrontation. Then the military officers guided by tippers started making violent arrests. The dean annouced that the university is closed so that students would leave and the situation would not get worse. But at the technical faculty clashes between students and soldiers had already started. Soon bullets were flying and bodies were falling on the ground. After a short silence, voices of injured people moaning were being heard but the soldiers prevented their friends from taking them to hospital. 3 were killed, 27 arrested and many were injured. The following day, Richard Nixon arrived in Tehran, went to Tehran University and made a speech and received a doctorate of honor in law. This day is now called "the students day"....

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