The Qajar Dynasty Overthrown

The Qajar Dynasty Overthrown... 12/12/1925 History, #Ahmad_Shah, #Ataturk, #Dynasty, #Khan, #Majlis, #Pahlavi, #Qajar, #Reza_Khan, #Reza_Shah, #Shah, #Turkey

Reza Khan had seized power on Oct, 26, 1923 and Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king was forced to exile. On Oct, 31, 1925 Tadayyon, the vice president of Majlis presented a draft to abolish the Qajar Dynasty and choose Reza Khan as the interim head of the state. The draft was approved on Dec, 12, 1925 and 200 years of Qajar rule came to an end.
Then the parliament convened as constituent assembly approved Reza Khan as king. During the next session Reza Khan was present to take the imperial oath and thus began the Pahlavi dynasty.
The coronation ceremony took place on Apr, 25, 1926 during which his son Mohammad Reza was named crown prince. A debate had been going on either choosing republic as the form of government that was objected by landlords and prominent politicians. Reza Shah himself was in favor of republic which was regime accepted in Turkey by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk who was his close friend. The Qajar dynasty had started in 1794....

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