Bahram V replaces Governor Of Armenia

Bahram V replaces Governor Of Armenia... 26/08/429 History, #Afghanistan, #Arab, #Ardeshir, #Armenia, #Armenian, #Armenians, #Bahram_V, #Christian, #Europe, #Ghazneh, #Goor, #Governor, #Herat, #India, #Iran, #Khorasan, #Kurdistan, #Sassanid, #Satrapy, #Shapour, #Vimehr, #Zoroastrian

A group of Armenians leaded by a priest ask Bahram Goor to replace Ardeshir the governor of Armenia with an Armenian one. Reportedly a Christian missionary was slain in Kurdistan causing unrest among Armenians. Bahram dismissed Ardeshir replacing him with Vimehr Shapour who was a Zoroastrian and asked the Armenian committee not to mention the religion issue again if they wanted their Satrapy to stay independent. Most of Sassanid rulers followed a policy of tolerance towards other religions and cultures as observed by the Achaemenids.
During the same year, Bahram grants permission to a group of gypsies migrating from India to enter the country and earn their living through entertainment. After the Arab invasion, a time of intolerance and assimilation began and some of these gypsies left for Europe while other tried wandering in between Iran and Afghanistan. This group called Kouchi and Louli in native languages do not marry outside their community and still try to preserve their ancient habits. An estimated 100,000 of such gypsies still wander around Herat, Ghazneh and some parts of the greater Khorasan....

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