Ghaem Magham Farahani Killed

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One year after his accession to the throne, Mohammad Shah ordered the arrest of Ghaem Magham Farahani on June, 21, 1835. He was kept at the basement of the Negarestan Palace for 5 days.
He was strangled to death on June, 26 because the Shah had an oath not to have his blood on his hand. His body was buried in Shah Abdolazim without ablution which is necessary for Muslims. Many of his family members also were either killed or forced to flee and their properties were confiscated.
Like his father, he was Vezir for some time. The infamous treaty of Turkmenchai was written with Farahani's handwriting. After the death of Fathali shah, he was one of the influential people to help Mohammad Mirza ascend the throne; he ordered Shah's brothers Jahangir and Khosrau who were imprisoned in Ardebil to be blinded, and then Shah chose him as his Vezir. Although acts of was savagery were usual among the Qajar family, there are many speculations around reasons behind Mohammad Shah's brutal decision:
-Farahani rejected all requests by the British to open a consulate in Iran just like the privilege given to Russians.
-His attempt to put financial affairs in order started with cutting off pensions to Qajar princes and relatives of the royal court.
-Haji Mirza Aghasi, his rival spread the rumors that he was preparing to depose the Shah.
All or some of the above may have angered the influential people who convinced the Shah to get rid of Farahani....

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