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After half a century of exploitation of Iran's wealth, the parliament passed the bill that nationalized Iran's oil industry. After Mansour's cabinet unexpectedly resigned on June, 26, 1950, General Razmara formed his own cabinet. The regime was trying to impose an atmosphere of fear and pressure, but when the adjunct protocol to the 1933 agreement was presented to the 16th parliament, during a press conference,
Dr. Mosaddegh announced publicly that Iranians do not recognize neither the 1933 nor the D'Arcy agreement and therefore approval of the adjunct protocol was out of question. He iterated that all such agreements that stripped Iranians from their rights should be cancelled. On Thursday, Oct, 12, 1950 the government was interpolated by the parliament. While the government was defending the adjunct protocol, disagreements spread outside the parliament to the streets. During the next 5 months events led to parliament's approval of nationalization of oil as a Norooz gift to all Iranians.
Iranian Nationalization of Anglo American Oil Company was made law: The final nationalization plan was approved by the Majlis the day before Mosaddegh was asked to form his government, on April 28, 1951.
Dr. Mohammed Mosaddegh was democratically elected by the Iranian Parliament. Mosaddegh, who was not a Communist but received the support of Iran’s Communist Party, intended to nationalize Iran’s oil industry.
PM Mosaddegh acclaimed "respect, devotion, loyalty" by Iranians. His cabinet was noticeably conservative with royalists included, this was especially significant for his National Front Party which did not have enough seats in Majlis but had millions of supporters on the streets.
Opposition from US and Britain was immediate, with the CIA moving to destabilize the Mosaddegh regime and the British imposing an economic embargo on Iran....

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