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Spain Offer For Bahrain Rejected... 27/05/1614 History, #Bahrain, #Iran, #Iranian, #Mohammad_Reza_Shah, #Persian, #Persian_Gulf, #Reza_Shah, #Safavi, #Shah, #Shah_Abbas, #Spain

Shah Abbas of Safavi dynasty received a note from a messenger sent by Philippe, the king of Spain which asked Iran to give up Bahrain. At the same meeting Shah Abbas said that Bahrain was part of Iran according to historical documents and it can not be separated from Iran except by war. He added that there was no army in the world that could confront the Iranian soldiers. He told the messenger that hospitality is an Iranian style but let this be the last time you bring us such messages. The Europeans were at the peak of their world conquests using their comparative technological advantages. Shah Abbas could clean the Persian Gulf from foreign forces. In 1960's Mohammad Reza Shah who was a puppet king gave away Bahrain without even running a referendum on such a sensitive issue. Such acts of treason does not easily clear from the minds of Iranians....

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