Russians Capture Baku

Russians Capture Baku... 26/06/1723 History, #Baku, #Ganjeh, #Iran, #Iranian, #Isfahan, #Kandahar, #Nader_Shah, #Persian, #Russia, #Russian, #Safavi, #Shah, #Transcaucasia, #Zoroastrian

In the midst of a civil war in Iran and circumstances that led to fall of the Safavi dynasty, Russian troops took advantage of the situation and captured the city of Baku. Meanwhile most Iranian territories became the stage of chaos and human tragedies that followed the capture of capital Isfahan by the forces of Amir Mahmoud of Kandahar. Despite civilian resistance, Baku stayed under Russian occupation for seven years when Iranians under Nader Shah regained national unity. In March, 10, 1735 an accord was made in Ganjeh between Iran and Russia that led to Russians total withdrawal from Transcaucasia. For the next seventy years, Russians did not dare set foot on Iranian soil until first Iran-Russia wars (1808-1813). Baku used to be an important part of Persian empire with Zoroastrian fire altars that date back to 8th century B.C....

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